Beijing’ Lucky Eight 2

Lama Temple This goo-year-old temple in Beijing’s northeast is often overlooked by visitors on tight schedules, which is a real shame. The former home of Emperor Yongzheng turned monastery, it was patronised by the imperial family throughout the Qing Dvnastv, and is China’s largest and best-preserved lamasery, with a distinctive Tibetan influence in its architecture. […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is known throughout the world as a meticulously preserved place that should be on the traveler’s list of every traveler. This legendary lost city of the Inca is commissioned by the Peruvians and highly appreciated by the guests. If Machu Picchu remains on the list of “places of travel” that continues to grow, […]

Beijing’s Lucky Eight 1

Among a people famously superstitious about numbers, the number eight is the undisputed king in China. In the spirit of lucky numbers, Brian johnston visits eight of Beijing’s best Sights that highlight the magnificent dichotomy of the city, as it looks back towards an illustrious past and forward to a fastchanging and exciting future. Tiananmen […]

Kariba O’Five 1

In 1955 after a decade of indecision, the former colonial government of modern-day Zambia and Zimbabwe pushed through its controversial p|an to build a much needed hydroelectric dam at Kariba. Withih a year work had begun on one of the greatest engineering feats in the history of Africa. For more than three years the formerly […]

Kariba Five’O 2

Boarding a converted Fishing rig at Lake View resort on the Zambian side of the lake, we putter to the unspoilt island of Chikanka. Cutting quietly around Chete, Kariba’s largest island, elephants Forage its grasslands while hippos break surface with the hydraulic hiss of escaping air and skulking crocodiles slip grudgingly off warm sandbanks. Chikanka’s […]

Liberian Walk Tour 1

As with every city, Monrovia’s ancestors and historical areas have left their footprints in architectural styles. new Liberian friend, Lawrence ‘Saha’, invites me on a walking tour of this capital on the rebound. AlthOugh of university age, Lawrence is finishing up his high school studies and already has the sky’s-the-limit attitude. Dressed in an outfit […]