5 Things to do on Grand Cayman Island

Know The Right Time To Go.

The end of the year is a good time to visit the Cayman Islands. If you go there in December, you will see the incredible light of the Christmas lights on the outskirts of the house of the sisters Bodden, daughter of the late Captain Bodden. These two ladies from the Cayman Islands build hundreds of floodlights in front of their house to celebrate Christmas. The result is different from anything you’ve seen before. This completely challenges the description. Ask a local for directions; everyone will see it.


Putty on the mastic trail.

There are relatively few places to take a long walk to Grand Cayman. The only bushes trail that is of real interest is the Mastic trail, an hour and a half path that crosses the native bush. There are some birds to see and many interesting plants. Be careful with iguanas, these small and ancient dragons are everywhere. Take bottles of water to quench your thirst.


Ride A Water Taxi

Captain Richard Stein of the Water Taxi Company will take you on his boat, the Flying Scotsman, to Rum Point. You can dine there or have a picnic. It is not a big boat and the experience is very friendly and fun. You can book Captain Stein to go at any time, but a night trip is particularly memorable.


Go To Stingray City

Swimming with rays in Stingray City is unforgettable. That’s what everyone does, if they can, but it’s still such an incredible experience that you have to recommend it. Several boat operators will take you to the noise, where you can jump into the water and swim over or next to beautiful rays. The rays are interested in the fish, not in you, and therefore they are safe enough. Do not touch your tail. You will feel very brave after doing it.

Eat At Grand Old House

There is a very elegant restaurant in Grand Cayman and a bar called Grand Old House. This has a different feel to the old Caribbean and is worth a visit. The fish swim to the edge of the bridge and can be fed by their customers. It is a good place to see the richest people, exiles and exotic tax havens who would never have dreamed of visiting some of the popular places along the Seven Mile beach.

Updated: July 3, 2019 — 10:55 am

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